Your deck is meant for making memories, but if it doesn’t have the right safety standards in place for your family and friends, it could become the last place you spend your time. Now, if you’re thinking that a “safe” deck doesn’t also mean stylish, you’re not looking at the right details. Beyond the basic, traditional railing along the edge of a deck and stairs, there are several additional features and products that can add safety in a stylish and efficient way to any deck.

ADA Hand Rail

The right railing for you might be one that comes with easy maintenance and amazing views, but it can (and should) also add a level of safety to your deck. ADA hand rail meets state code requirements for stair safety and can be used on both stairs and ramps. It is applicable in both residential and commercial settings, while also being simple in design with versatile components. It’s completely graspable and RDI offers vinyl and aluminum ADA hand rail options to match its many other railing options and styles.


If you have children or pets, or just simply want another level of security for your deck, a gate can help prevent them from venturing on or off the deck or falling down stairs. You can customize the width of your gate up to 48 inches so it fits your needs, while knowing it’s strong with hardware options that include heavy-duty hinges and latches for heavier materials like composite or steel. RDI even offers gates in various material, too—vinyl, aluminum, composite, and steel—so that it matches a variety of railing options and styles (including HideAway Privacy Rail!).

HideAway Privacy Rail 

Speaking of HideAway Privacy Rail, it’s also a great safety product that you can add to your deck. It’s a code-compliant (IRC and IBC) privacy solution for decks of any height that is also stylish and exceptionally strong with powder-coated AMMA certified aluminum framing. The strong, interlocking infill boards—created with RDI’s patented ClickConnect™ technology—are easy to install and come in a variety of color options to match your deck and outdoor space, too. Plus, versatile posts offer corner, mid, and end applications in varying heights to give you the perfect amount of privacy you need for your deck.

LED Lighting

LED lighting may not be the first thing you think of when looking to add a safety feature to your deck, but it can be one of the simplest and most impactful details. It adds ambiance to your railings, while also keeping you safe. Flush deck lights help illuminate where you’re walking so that you can carefully step up or down stairs and ramps, and on or off your deck. Even better, accessory lighting like our under rail lighting and LED post caps can help keep your deck bright in the right spots to prevent tripping and more.

Safety Is Style

Your deck is surely the focal point of your yard, but it’s also important that it’s functional and safe in all the right ways. RDI’s many stylish elements like ADA hand rails, gates, privacy rail, and LED lighting can easily be added to your deck and railings to ensure your family, friends, and pets are safe and secure. If you’re ready to increase the safety and style of your deck, find an RDI contractor near you now.