Spartan Rail™ Canada Exclusive

Spartan Rail™* is a quality, low-maintenance solution for any budget. Carefully engineered with form and function in mind, Spartan Rail is easy to install and provides long-lasting value, performance and aesthetics with its clean and traditional top and bottom rail profile. Made of high-performance vinyl reinforced with aluminum, Spartan Rail is great for both home and commercial buildings with 36″ and 42″ heights.
* Spartan Rail™ is only available in Canada through RONA.

Easy and fast installation – brackets attach easily to posts and balusters fit effortlessly to rails.
Our Spartan Rail™ is low-maintenance AND safe; our vinyl railings are reinforced with strong, durable aluminum.
Spartan Rail is simply elegant; all fasteners are concealed and hidden from view.
Flat top rail provides an ideal surface to rest items on.
Limited lifetime warranty.

Features & Benefits

  • Canadian Code Compliant – passes NBCC 2010 and OBC 2012 Applicable Load Clause testing as tested by EXOVA
  • Kits available in 6′ and 8′ level or 6′ stair and 36″ or 42″ finished height
  • Top rail reinforced aluminum stiffener
  • Complete line of vinyl accessories to complete your installation


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