RDI Lighting Accessories Allow You to Easily Illuminate Your Outdoor Space  

Don’t let the setting sun spoil your time outside on the deck. With LED railing lights you can add both illumination and ambiance to any outdoor living space — including your railing and deck! From post caps and dome lights to side and stair lights and under-rail lighting, you can light up your deck and also increase safety as you navigate steps in the dark.

LED lighting systems are easy to install and can be controlled with a simple click of a button. Let us shed some light (pun intended) on the advantages of railing lights and learn what they can add to your outdoor space.

Choose the Location of Your Lights

Railing lights can help set the mood for the evening, whether it’s time spent with family relaxing under the stars on a summer night or a lively party with friends to celebrate a special occasion. Where you place your lights can make all the difference in the aesthetic and the amount of light provided around your outdoor space.

RDI provides four different options of lighting for use with railing:

  1. Lighted post caps
  2. Side and stair lights
  3. Dome lights
  4. Under-rail lighting

Lighted post caps can easily be installed and use our plug-and-play lighting system. A variety of sizes and styles are available to match RDI composite, vinyl, aluminum and steel railing posts.

Side and stair lights don’t just provide a subtle accent to your deck — they also make it safer by illuminating steps or the edge of a ground-level deck — decreasing the chance of friends and family tripping. Dome lights add additional ambiance and easily complement lighted post caps and under-rail lighting.

RDI’s under-rail lighting comes in strips with an adhesive backing, which makes for easy installation on the underside of your railing. The strips fit particularly well with the RDI’s Avalon or Transform top rail, or in the under-rail channel beneath Titan, FinylLine or Original Rail top rails.

Tip: If you’re having trouble picturing it, see how these lights truly transform a space.

Use Lighting That’s Fast and Easy to Install

Once you have decided on which lighting options to add on to your railing and determined placement, it’s time to install everything. RDI’s plug-and-play lighting system makes installation simple and it eliminates the need for cutting or splicing wires.

RDI’s lighting features long-lasting performance of up to 50,000 hours and includes programmable timers and dimmers so you can set your lights to be as bright or as dim as you want them to be.

And with RDI’s Bluetooth-capable transformer, you can control your lights by using the SmartPower 50 app on your phone. Once the app is downloaded, simply pair your device and you can control settings like brightness, timers and more — all from the palm of your hand.

Tip: If you need more help pairing your transformer and device, watch our helpful how-to video now.

Lighting the Way for Years to Come

With various lighting options to choose from and with long-lasting performance that allows you to control programmable dimmers and timers for 50,000 hours — the equivalent of 2,083 nights of light — RDI lighting will help you set an atmospheric mood on your deck and provide a safe respite when you want to stay outside