The tree is lit with lights and ornaments, stockings are hung with care, and candles are glowing in the windows—your home is ready for the holidays. But even if the inside is shining bright, your deck or porch may still look a little dreary this time of year. With LED lighting, garland, ribbon, and more, you can really spruce up the space for the season—here’s how.

  1. Turn Your Deck Into a Winter Wonderland

For those who rarely see snow, or just want it to last all winter long, the fake stuff might do the trick. Use a fake snow table runner or blanket and arrange it on top of your railings, around the edges of your deck, or near your furniture to turn your deck or porch into a winter wonderland. Take it up a notch by incorporating lights, ornaments, fake candles, garland, and more, and your space will feel transformed right in time for the holidays.

  1. Utilize the Lights You Have

With LED lighting, you won’t have to add any additional holiday lights, saving you time and money. Not only does LED lighting add ambiance to your space during those warm summer nights, it can also brighten up a dark deck during the cold winter holidays. Just add bows to each of the posts for a simple and elegant look. And with our Bluetooth powered remote, you can change your lighting settings with your smartphone from the warmth of your home.

If you don’t have LED lighting, any traditional string lights will do. As an additional festive feature, decorate the tops of your railings with garland or ribbons—the lighting will help bring the whole look to life!

  1. Make Cable or Glass Infill Sparkle

Cable and glass infill give railings a see-through look year-round, which makes for a great blank slate when decorating around the holidays. Jazz it up with a little sparkle by adding lights. You can hang them horizontally, draping them or intertwining them in the cable infill. Or, with glass infill, you could hang them vertically with one strand between each glass slat.

  1. Add Fresh Flowers and Greens

Winter greenery can really brighten a deck or porch during the dark winter months. Fresh or faux, mini Frasier or Douglas Fir trees could really stand out around your deck. Decorate them with ball ornaments, mix in a few poinsettia plants or lilies and it’ll really feel like the holidays.

  1. Wrap Your Railings Like a Present

You’ll need a long ribbon for this one. Depending on your style, simply wrap the ribbon horizontally around the entire section of railing until the two ends meet back in the middle. Secure them by tying them in a bow or use a premade bow, or even a wreath, to conceal the ends. If you want to get really festive, try wrapping the entire section of railing in decorative paper first before finishing with a ribbon. Your porch or deck will look like a present waiting to be opened. With a little imagination, your deck or porch will be filled with cheer this holiday season. Just wrap your railings in the decor of your choice and enjoy until the new year. Then as the seasons change, check out our guide for tips on spring cleaning your railings.