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Purchase Questions

Where do I buy your product?
The easiest way to locate one of our dealers is by searching our Dealer Locator. There you will find the location and contact information of dealers near you where our products can be purchased. If you still require assistance afterwards, feel free to contact our Customer Service Department.


Vinyl Questions

What is vinyl made from?
The base ingredient is rigid PVC (polyvinyl chloride), modified to provide superior strength and ultraviolet (UV) resistance. The formulation is similar to vinyl siding, which has a nearly 30 year history of durability and structural integrity.

Is vinyl recycled plastic?
Technically “recycled” refers to post-consumer or post industrial waste. PVC can, and is being recycled. We do use recycled material (which still must meet our specifications), mainly this is used in our post sleeves to keep the cost to the consumer down.

What is “virgin vinyl”?
Virgin vinyl is 100% new PVC with no recycled material added. All RDI railing meet or exceed the requirements for long lasting durability and performance after installation.

How strong is vinyl?
Our vinyl is impact modified for flexibility and durability. All RDI railing meet or exceed the requirements for long lasting durability and performance after installation.

Does vinyl retain its strength in cold weather?
Most plastics, vinyl included, become less flexible in severe conditions. However, unless subjected to unusual impact, it will not break.

What about hot weather or temperature swings?
All materials expand and contract with temperature changes. Our railing is engineered with this in mind.

Why aren’t there any dark colors available?
Darker colors are more expensive to manufacture due to the need for additional UV resistant ingredients (titanium dioxide). This has a white pigment, therefore it makes darker colors more difficult and cost prohibitive to achieve.

Will vinyl railing “chalk”?
Simply put, some chalking is to be expected of any pigmented surface. This will be washed away by normal weather conditions.

Is vinyl safe?
With all RDI vinyl railing, your finished installation hides all fasteners, leaving nothing but smooth surfaces and no sharp edges. Vinyl has a tough finish, retains virtually no moisture, has no taste, and is non-porous.

Will RDI vinyl railing turn yellow?
No they will not. It contains 12 parts titanium dioxide (UV inhibitor) which prevents ultraviolet degradation.

Is vinyl easily burned or melted?
No again. PVC has a high flash point of 900°F and does not readily ignite. It is also categorized as being self extinguishing.

Is vinyl railing hard to clean?
For normal cleaning, any non-abrasive cleaner mixed with water will be sufficient. For more stubborn problems Collinite #920, a fiberglass polish, is recommended.

Can I paint vinyl railing?
Your choice of RDI vinyl railing would normally preclude the desire to paint or “maintain” it any way. However, if you do choose to paint, there are vinyl primers available to achieve this.


Metal Works Excalibur Questions

What gauge steel is the RDI Metal Works system?
Our rails are 14 gauge, our posts are 13 gauge, and our balusters are 16 gauge steel.

What is the baluster size and spacing for a level rail panel?
RDI Metal Works Excalibur has 5/8” (.625) inch square metal balusters with 3 7/8” (3.850) inch spacing. The spacing is measured between the inside faces of two adjacent balusters.

Is the baluster spacing the same for the stair rail panel?
Yes, but only when the stair section is level (0 degrees). Stair rail panels are designed for installation at angles ranging from 0 to 41 degrees. The higher the pitch of the rail, the closer together the spacing becomes. At maximum pitch, baluster spacing becomes about 3 inches.

What is included in a level bracket kit?
The level bracket kit includes four brackets (top and bottom are the same), four bracket covers, and installation hardware. Installation hardware is provided for use with RDI Metal Works steel posts, wood, composite, and most other mounting surfaces.

What is included in a stair / level angle bracket kit?
The stair / level angle bracket kit includes four brackets (top and bottom are the same) and installation hardware. Installation hardware is provided for use with RDI Metal Works steel posts, wood, composite, and most other mounting surfaces.

What are the types of posts available?
There are four types of posts available: End Post, Mid (Line) Post, Corner Post, and Blank Post. The end, mid, and corner posts are supplied pre-assembled for applications with either a 2 inch or 4 inch bottom space. The end, mid, and corner posts are 2 inch square steel posts that include pre-attached level brackets, pre-attached aluminum post cap, bracket covers, leveling shims, and a two-piece trim ring.

What are the blank posts used for?
Blank posts are available for both stair and level applications when the pre-assembled post is not ideal, most commonly, angled rail sections and/or stairs. Blank posts are 2 inch square steel posts that include pre-attached aluminum post caps, leveling shims, and two-piece trim rings, but do NOT include mounting brackets (brackets must be purchased separately).

What do I need to know about stair sections when making a purchase?
When installing a stair section, the required post height varies upon each installation. The bracket mounting height is dependent upon the post placement from the edge of the stair nose, bottom spacing, and slope of the stairs. At times, brackets may need to be mounted higher and a taller post may be required.

How do I mount an RDI Metal Works steel post?
RDI Metal Works posts include a 4” by 4” bottom steel flange which is 1/4” (.25) inches thick. The flange is manufactured to accept 3/8” (.375) diameter fasteners. Be sure to use proper fasteners during installation and check local building codes for requirements. Each post includes two shims which should be used for leveling the post during installation.

What is the recommended method to cut a section?
If you need to cut down a section, it is recommended that you use our cutting jig accompanied with a jig saw with metal blades or a portable band saw. The cutting jig snaps onto the top and/or bottom rail and provides grip onto the section. The jig is designed such that the shoe of the jig saw can ride up against the guide and assist in accurate and safe cutting without scratching the finish on the rail. ALWAYS wear safety glasses!

What is the recommended method for securing brackets and rail sections?
When fastening brackets to a blank post, it is recommended that you pre-drill bracket mounting holes using a 5/32” (.15625) drill bit before securing the brackets with the provided hardware. It is also recommended that you pre-drill holes for rail set screws using 5/32” inch drill bit on the ends of the rail section when securing the rail to the brackets.

Are gates available for RDI Metal Works?
Yes. Preassembled 34.5” wide gates may be purchased for both 34” and 40” high panel sizes. We also offer gate end kits for use in creating custom sized gates.

How do you use gate kit ends?
Gate end kits are used in conjunction with a level rail panel to create custom gates up to 48” in length. Panels are cut down to size and kit ends slide onto the end. Pre-drill holes using 5/32” inch drill bit and fasten kit ends into place using hardware provided. Gate hardware kits (sold separately) must be used to attach gates to mounting posts and secure into place.

What is included in a gate hardware kit?
Gate hardware kits include two self-closing hinges and one latch.

Can I attach a custom wood top to an RDI Metal Works rail panel?
Yes. Hard outdoor woods such as mahogany and cedar are often used to create a custom cap. These caps can be fastened onto the top lineal of a RDI Metal Works Excalibur panel section using our top rail cap brackets. The brackets include four attachment brackets and screws which mount to the underside of the custom cap.

Is there a recommended touch up paint?
For Excalibur Black, we recommend using Rustoleum Satin Canyon Black, code 249844. For Excalibur Bronze, we recommend using Rustoleum Hammered Finish Brown, code 210880 spray paint. For minor scratches and application, we recommend spraying paint into the cap and applying with a small artist brush or even a q-tip.

Is there a warranty for RDI Metal Works railing?
Yes. The warranty will last 15 years from the purchaser’s original date of purchase for homeowners at their residences and will last for 10 years from the purchaser’s original date of purchase for all commercial, governmental or other non-residential applications.


General Questions

Why is vinyl railing so expensive?
The initial purchase may seem high at first glance, but after maintenance (painting, sanding, priming, water proofing or staining) is added to the equation, you will see drastic savings.

Why does RDI railing come in a box?
Railing Dynamics, Inc. started as a contractor, we know how expensive it can be to constantly need to filter through to find the quality. With RDI railing packaged the way they are, you can be sure each and every piece will be safe, secure, and undamaged until you are ready to install it.

Does Endurance® Railing offer rail for handicap access ramps?
Endurance® level rail kits are designed to install up to a 5° slope, which is the maximum pitch allowed by code. As recommended earlier, always check with your local code enforcement office for the codes in your area.

Will Endurance® Railing stay shiny?
No, like any gloss finish, Endurance® Railing will dull due to exposure to the elements. If the shine is what you like, it can always be buffed back to its original luster. A fiberglass polish, Collinite #920, is recommended.

Can one railing kit be split evenly in half?
Kits can be cut down to any dimension and, with an additional bracket kit, can become two complete railing sections. Cutting a kit evenly in half usually will not work with symmetrical end spacing.

Are the dimensions in your kits actual?
No, our railing kits are slightly smaller than stated on the label. They are designed to fit a finished opening of exactly your kit length. (i.e.: A 6’ level rail kit will fill a 6’ finished opening with no cutting.)

Is there a flush mount post for commercial height railing?
Yes, we do manufacture a 42" commercial height flush mount structural post.


Installation Questions

Can I use RDI railing on a second story?
Yes, RDI Products meets or exceeds all code requirements. It is very important to always check with your local code enforcement office for the requirements on your project.

What type of saw can I cut it with?
Endurance® Railing can be cut with most saw types. When using a power miter saw, a high tooth count (80 or more) carbide tip is best. Be sure to have the blade up to speed before beginning your cut. Hack saws and other saw types with metal cutting blades will do the job.

Do I have to use the retaining pin?
Yes, the retaining pin is essential to the strength of the Endurance® railing system. When properly installed it holds the top horizontal rail firmly in place. This is what gives our system its added strength.

The mounting screws included in your kits keep stripping, why?
RDI includes stainless steel hardware, which is a relatively soft material. It is recommended in our installation instructions to always pre-drill. If this is done stripping will not be an issue.

Can I install RDI railing on concrete?
Yes, we offer two choices for a concrete mount. The first would be to core mount in the concrete using either of our face/core posts, or by using our flush mount post with a high quality concrete anchoring system.

How do I install Endurance® Railing to brick/cement?
Most hardware stores and home centers carry masonry mounting hardware. Be sure the anchors you choose have sufficient load ratings and are the correct size to fit the Endurance® brackets and still allow the snap-in screw hole covers to be utilized.

Do you recommend particular hardware to install structural posts?
Endurance® structural newel posts are pre-drilled to accept lags and/or bolts of up to 3/8” in diameter.

What is the best way to transition from level to stair at an angle?
The best way to accomplish this is to plan ahead. When installing your posts, be sure to set the transition post in line with the stair rail so you can utilize the standard stair brackets. With this done, you can use the 45° or 0-44° angle bracket kit to install your level rail to the same post.

What is the maximum angle I can achieve from a 4” x 4” post?
Using the EAAK1, 0-44° angle bracket kit, you can install up to a 32° angle to the face of a 4” x 4” post. More than a 32° angle you will need to notch or V-cut the brackets to encompass a corner of the post.

What do I do with odd angles?
Some RDI railing kits offer standard bracket kits to achieve most level angles, acute angles not possible on one post. We offer a pre-notched 45° bracket kit which installs directly to the corner of a post or wall. Our 0-44° angle bracket kit is also available for most other angles.

I have round columns, how do I mount to them?
The EARB1 level round column bracket kit comes complete with everything required to install one rail end to an 8”, 10”, or 12” round column.

How do I know which stair kit to use?
Refer to the Endurance® Railing Product Guide. All you need to know are your rise and run measurements and follow the chart.

Do the stair brackets come pre-cut at 29° or 36°?
No. The top stair brackets will be cut on site to match the stair angle. The bottom bracket will also be altered on site. This is covered in our instruction sheets included in every kit sold, you can also download a PDF from this website.

How high above my railing should I cut my post sleeves?
There is no wrong answer, as long as you have enough room for your post cap to be properly installed, it is strictly an aesthetics issue.

How do I keep my post caps on?
Post caps can be glued in place with any vinyl adhesive. You may also use PVC glue or a silicone adhesive. Any of these are sold by most hardware stores, lumber yards, or home centers.


Code Compliance Questions

Can Endurance® Railing and Titan Pro Rail® meet the necessary codes?
Yes, Endurance® Railing and Titan Pro Rail® meets, and in most cases exceeds, the load requirements for all building code applications. Always check with your local code enforcement official for the requirements in your area.

Can Endurance® Railing be used around swimming pools?
Most codes require a minimum railing height of 48” around swimming pools. Endurance® is available in a maximum of 42”. Always check with your local code enforcement official for the requirements in your area.