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Excalibur Iron Railings FEATURE SPOTLIGHT

EXCALIBUR™ is the new line of wrought iron railings from the RDI Metal Works family. Endurance-like hidden attachments, Titan-like easy installation, economical, and a sleek satin finish, are all combined together to create our first fully metal system. Sure, metal railing has been around for a while, but you've never seen it quite like this.

Pre-welded iron railing components provide strength, while its' triple-coat finishing process ensures durability. The pre-mounted brackets allow for quick installation. The satin, low-gloss finish hides marring, fingerprints, smudges and other dirt that can otherwise make a gorgeous installation look like it is in desperate need of a spit-shine. And Excalibur doesn't have to stop at being a suit of armor for your deck; you can add a feeling of warmth to the toughness of steel. Create a touch of elegance with our custom wood top option. Mix it up by combining white, earth, or sand post and accessory options from the Endurance and Titan systems. If you have been searching for iron railing, steel railing, or wrought iron railings, then you are in the right place.

* Excalibur is available in satin black and bronze.

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  • 73018004


    Level rail panel 6'x36" Satin Black
  • 73018013


    Bracket kit for level rail Satin Black
  • 73018014


    Bracket kit for stair or level angle rail Satin Black
  • 73018015


    Level rail panel 10'x36" Satin Black
  • 73018016


    Level rail panel 8'x36" Bronze
  • 73018018


    Level rail panel 8'x42" Satin Black
  • 73018019


    Stair rail panel 6'x36" Satin Black
  • 73018020


    Stair rail panel 8'x42" Satin Black
  • 73018021


    End post assembly for 38" Rail w/4" bottom space Satin Black

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