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As the 2010 IBS drew near and an unpredictable 2009 came to an end, we became anxious to see what IBS would bring. Much like the 2009 IBS, we found that the show proved to be well worth participating in. We had a significant amount of unique leads and visitors to our booth and felt that visitors to the show were well informed and serious about our products. The atmosphere was an optimistic one, charged with excitement and talk about the beginning of the economic recovery of our industry. Additionally, we were exceptionally pleased to find that there were very few companies at IBS with products competitive to ours; companies who, in the past had appeared to us to be strong rivals, seemed to disappear without a trace. Meanwhile, RDI enjoyed a steady onslaught of prospects, maintained its strong presence, and had plenty of new products to introduce to eager visitors to our booth. Contrary to what we were beginning to fear, the show was a huge success and certainly offered encouragement that those dark days are over, and that (cross your fingers) it's all uphill from here!

IBS Show Booth



RDI is proud to announce the release of its new Endurance® vinyl clad aluminum Hand Rail™. This new Hand Rail system is IBC, IRC, and ADA compliant at 6' spans and is available in 80", 104", and 120" lengths. Like RDI's other Endurance products, this Hand Rail features low-maintenance vinyl, concealed fasteners, and easy installation. Unique to this system is its flexibility; components of this system are packaged individually. The system can be used to accommodate every angle scenario, is recommended for outdoor as well as indoor applications, and is available in white or black. This makes it a great choice to add to existing vinyl, wood, or metal installations.

Notably new to this Hand Rail system is a decreased number of SKUs (11) and a reengineered stiffener which is designed for increased strength and ease of installation. This new stiffener is a rounded, aluminum tube-like stiffener which runs the entire length of the vinyl lineal and lends to easier installation, offering a smooth surface for mounting hardware to "bite" into (vs. the previous "gear-shape"). This new Hand Rail also features all metal-to-metal connections, cast powder-coated 90° corners, and a new 90° Inside Corner Bracket that simplifies installation when hand rail is mounted directly to a post in an inside corner application. This is ideal for ramps and commercial applications.

RDI has discontinued its old graspable Hand Rail line. The new system will not be compatible with the current system. The new Hand Rail system is now available for purchase.

Hand Rail


Titan Pro railing systems feature posts with brackets already pre-mounted. For the occasion where an installer may wish to install Titan Pro Railing to Titan blank (un-bracketed) posts or posts other than Titan posts, RDI now offers a Titan Bracket Jig (TPABJ). This new jig is a huge time-saver since it eliminates the time consuming task of measuring the placement of the Titan brackets to the post. The L-shaped, composite jig has pre-cut holes which allow the installer to position the mounting brackets for 36" and 42" installations without measuring. Simply clamp the jig to the side of any post, place your brackets in the holes, attach the screws, and you're done! The jigs are in stock and available for order.


We receive several phone calls each month from people asking, "What type of glue can I use to glue my post caps and Deck Rail™ decorative top cover?" While virtually any PVC glue should work, we have always recommended Christy's™ Super Red Hot White Vinyl Adhesive.™* Christy's is widely used throughout the industry and is specially formulated for long-term UV stability. Christy's (RH-F-W15) is available in 1.5 oz tubes and in quantities from 1 to 24.

* Christy's™ and Super Red Hot White Vinyl Adhesive™ are trademarks of T. Christy Enterprises, Inc.


You get one chance to make a first impression. With merchandising space a valuable and often very limited commodity you need to make a swift, strong visual impact on the customer and one of the best ways is through a well designed, organized, plan-o-gram. Products in a plan-o-gram need to be able to almost sell themselves, and it is important that items are clearly labeled and self- explanatory to the end user. With that in mind, we have redesigned our packaging and labeling program across all product lines to make product presentation more simplistic, graphic, and uniform. We feel that these changes will not only be beneficial for plan-o-gram merchandizing, but can also be helpful in managing inventory and pulling merchandise.

With these changes you can expect to see:

  • All smart parts, caps, and brackets are in heat-sealed bags with Illustrated Product Cards (Fig. 1) that graphically depict the product in an installed application
  • End-Face Labels (Fig. 2) concisely describe the product in the box and are visible from the top and the end of the box
  • Glamour Labels (Fig. 3) kit and post boxes photographically depict the product in an installed application and describe the features and benefits of the product on large single unit boxes (i.e. kit and post boxes)
  • Case/Inner Box Labels (Fig. 4) graphically represent the product on the outer case and inner boxes

    The sealed bags take up less valuable warehouse space, keep small parts from falling out of the package, and are easier to display. The Illustrated Product cards and new labeling on individual products should make it much easier for customers to understand what the packaged item is and specifically, how it is used in an application. The Glamour Label, in combination with the Face Label makes RDI kits and posts perfect for display in the retail display area of the store. For ideas on how to display RDI products or for plan-o-gram ideas, contact your RDI representative.

  • Illustrated Post Card
    End-Face & Glamour Label
    Outer Box / Case Label


    We always like to see where our product is being used and what our customers think about the products they have purchased. To help us collect feedback we have added a link to our website where customers can enter their product registration information for both our research and for warranty purposes.

    Visit our Warranty Registration Form and see for yourself. To complete this web form, the product purchaser must supply basic demographic and product information and has the option of providing comments and / or uploading photos of the installed railing project to share with us or to show off their jobs to other web visitors.

    If someone does not need to register a product and simply wants to submit photos of a job, they can visit our Photo Submission Form and upload images. We'd love to help show off our customers' jobs!


    Let RDI help you get some things off your plate. Are you or your customers in need of plan-o-gram ideas for their locations? We can help you design a custom layout based on the available square footage planned to be dedicated to RDI products. Just provide us with information on which products are planned for the display and the size, type, and amount of shelving to be used and let us do the rest or let us recommend what products to display.

    ...and did you also say that you have a pile of take-offs to do? We can help with that too! Just send us your blueprint with product requirements and our Customer Service Team will supply you with a material list ready to quote.


    Sightings of our Titan Pro railing are starting to pop up all over - and we are excited to see it! See below for a few photos of what you can do with Titan...

    Titan Pro Railing 1
    Titan Pro Railing 2


    RDI is excited to welcome Hansen Marketing Services, Inc. and Forest Products Group to our family of Distributors.

    Hansen Marketing Services, Inc. has provided hallmark service to the industry for over 60 years, and will be distributing RDI products primarily in Michigan and parts of Ohio.

    According to Jim Frensley, President of Hansen Marketing Services, "We at Hansen are very excited to be partnering with RDI. Our plans are to expand on the current RDI business already established in Michigan and Northwest Ohio. These plans include growing the Carter Lumber business in our marketing area as well as expanding the number of independent lumber dealers offering RDI for sale at their locations. We see the largest opportunity for growth right here in our backyard of Southeastern Michigan where the population is the largest in the state and the current RDI market penetration is low."

    Forest Products Group, with locations in Ohio and Indiana, is one of the oldest and most respected distributors in the Midwest. Forest Products Group serves the professional building material dealer with an array of high quality building products throughout Ohio, Indiana, and certain parts of Michigan, Kentucky, West Virginia and Illinois.


    Help us help our customers find you! Go to our Dealer Locator, plug in the zip code of your location, and verify that your location appears and that the information listed is correct. If you are not listed, please be sure to select "Submit New Location" and enter your location so we can add you.


    "The Titan kits are great. Thank you for a wonderful product."

    - Fred, Customer Service e-mail comment

    "I just got off the phone with one of your Customer Service Representatives and want to THANK YOU people for your assistance explaining your products to me... I have a contractor, but was undecided as to what kind of railing to buy. I believe I will be going with yours. I saw it at 84 Lumber and it looks really nice... THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR ASSISTANCE."

    - Esther, Customer Service e-mail comment


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    Our elegant designs improve the appearance of any home or commercial space. We offer our products in an array of colors, styles and dimensions to meet all your performance and building requirements. Clear step-by-step instructions are included with our kits to provide an accurate and quick installation.

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