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"It is a welcome change to be associated with a company that not only claims to have great service but backs that claim up with real effort. Thanks."

Tracy M.

Dear Railing Dynamics,

"I would like to thank you for your generous donation which enabled me to complete my Eagle Project for the Willow Grove United Methodist Church. Thanks to you my Eagle Project will be enjoyed by the entire church community for years to come. Your willingness to give helped to build a much needed deck that serves as the second entrance to the church and also their emergency exit. The prior state of the deck was deplorable and presented a possible safety hazard. Your gift is greatly appreciated not only by me but also by those who will be using the deck weekly while entering their place of worship. Again, thank you very much for your generous donation."

Brandon J. - Vineland, NJ

"Recently on a mild winter day, my co-worker and I were installing some Endurance Original Railing on a deck we had built. As we opened each box, we were pleasantly surprised to find a note in all thirteen boxes of rail sections, mentioning how happy and proud they were to work for such a company and thanking us for using RDI. But as I opened the last box near the end of the day, I was disappointed in not finding a t-shirt, like my co-worker did, in any of the boxes that I had opened. Although I did get your note, and decided to act on your request to hear from us. The two of us enjoyed installing the product which gave the deck a perfect finish.

We had also did another deck on a different job where the customer wanted to have the railing match the burnt walnut Trex that was on the rest of the project, but the boss had to use Trex's railing. We would have rather used RDI railing systems."

Steve R. - Hamburg, PA

Dear Sirs / Madam:

"I want to offer my praises and sincere thanks for the unparalleled customer service you provided my family. This past summer your company, through your representative Mr. Barry Lyons, solved a long-term problem with the railing products on my screened porch. Mr. Barry Lyons displayed a high level of professional competence and patience in assessing and resolving the problem.

Please let me explain that the problem with the railing was more likely a product of faulty installation than a defect with the product. For several years the rails on about six sections were pulling off the supporting post and creating a very dangerous breach in the connection of the rails to the post. It was an extremely unsafe condition as the railings they were not connected securely.

Mr. Lyons determined that a faulty installation was probably the major reason that the railings were disconnecting from the posts. Rather than ignore this situation he instead ordered new end pieces and top railings which he professionally installed. The professionalism he showed in his numerous contacts with me was heartwarming and displayed his dedication to resolving this issue.

As an example of his resolve, it was found that the spaces on the bottom of the top railing were different from the bottom piece that held the rungs due to a change in manufacturing specs over the years. Not to be deterred, Mr. Lyons diagnosed the problem, conferred with the product managers at the home office, and made arrangements for new top rails to be manufactured with the original specs.

This showed an incredible level of concern not only from Mr. Lyons but from the managers at Railing Dynamics, Inc. As a customer with nobody else qualified to solve your problem it was very reassuring to have those competent and very caring people at your company work in concert to solve this very vexing problem.

Mr. Lyons completed the installation about two months ago and looks as good as the day it was installed. There isn’t a day that we use our porch that we don’t feel a great debt of gratitude for the kind efforts of your company and Mr. Lyons.

Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for your exceptional customer service. I intend to recommend your company whenever I am aware of friends and neighbors planning deck-like products. Thank you instilling us with complete confidence, not only in your products, but also in your company and your very professional and dedicated representative, Mr. Barry Lyons."

Robert K.

"The RDI system was recommended to us by a co-worker; we did some research and are very happy with your product."

Mike and Kathy M.
Towanda, PA

"I appreciate that your company is insistent on their customers having a completely satisfying experience with your products... as a do-it-yourselfer, I scour the isles of the big home improvement stores religiously. The fact that your system looked nice, included all the parts needed, was certified safe, and utilized incredibly durable materials, and appeared simple to assemble and install, sold us... Thank you for a fine product."

Scott F.

"... my builders love the easy install that the pre-attached brackets allow."

Chris R.

"... RDI is a great product. The contractors know the name, and having RDI in stock will go a long way in helping us to be a more legitimate supplier in the eyes of our contractors."

Jenine - Pro Desk Manager Store #2565

"RDI is all I push when it comes to vinyl products. It's a better quality, reasonable price, and the contractors are familiar with the name."

Jason - Pro Desk Store #2506

"RDI is what our contractors are asking for. We are being pushed for more contractor business, and in order for us to do this, we need the products they are willing to buy... Anything RDI that we can bring into stock would be great and will help to continue to grow our contractor business."

Rich - Pro Desk Manager Store# 2506

"RDI is my best seller. Its rail I push over anything else, and I would like to see as much of it on our shelves as possible."

Mike - Pro Desk Store #2580

"I sell so much Endurance. That's all my contractors are asking for."

Joyce - Pro Desk #2581

"I've been selling RDI for a couple years now. The name, quality, and ease of installation make this proven product line in the market and makes it an easy sale. It's a great value product for our customers."

Nat - Pro Desk #2581

"It (RDI products) is asked for again and again..."

Tom - Pro Desk Manager #4177

"I've installed RDI, and now I sell it. It is what I personally would use and recommend. It is refreshing to be able to push a product that you have used and enjoyed dealing with. Bring gates, post wraps, and anything else RDI."

Tim - Pro Desk #4177

"Endurance is the number one named brand, and most recognizable by our contractors. It's been the vinyl of choice with most of our top managed accounts."

Tom C. - District Pro Sales Manager

"... I have used the Endurance rail system and I like it very much! ... Cost is feasible, too, when I tell the client how they only have to wash the railing system and never have to paint it again, they readily agree it is better than having to scrape and repaint or see bowed and twisted pickets."


"We love your product! ...What fabulous customer service! Thank you!"

Amie S.

"... it is an excellent product, with quality in design. In addition, I couldn't be more satisfied with the results."

Tom D.

"... The Titan kits are great. Thank you for a wonderful product."

Fred L.