Our Family


Joe Ciszek

Joe Ciszek | joe.ciszek@rdirail.com
Customer Service Manager

Joe is the “Easy Button” for our customers. With over 18 years in retail sales and management combined with excellent technical, communication and customer service skills, he’s got serious game. Joe is responsible for managing processes between RDI departments and for overall customer service including overseeing orders, handling technical issues, identifying sales and marketing needs, and sales support, among several other responsibilities.

Joe is a master of many things. From his vast knowledge of Star Wars to his ability to name all the characters from almost any car-related kid’s movie (thanks to his adorable son, Miles), Joe is always fun to have around the lunch table.


Vera James

Vera James | vera.james@rdirail.com
Customer Service Lead

A Rutgers University graduate, Vera has been with RDI for over10 years and provides customer service and technical support to our distributors and customers nationwide.

Vera works diligently to provide excellent care to our customers, but her most difficult job is keeping Joe Russell in line.



Felcia Dousharm

Felcia Dousharm | felicia.dousharm@rdirail.com
Customer Service Representative

Felicia, a Northern New York native moved to New Jersey in the spring of 2014 looking for new opportunities, landed here at RDI and serves as a Customer Service Rep. Jon tells her that she, along with Joe and Vera, is the face of the company. However, she considers herself more of the voice.

When not at work she enjoys spending her time with her fiancé whether it be wandering around one of the boardwalks, relaxing at home with the family pets, or traveling back to NY to spend time with her family and friends back home.



Jay Penney

Jay Penney | jay.penney@rdirail.com
Director of National Sales

Jay, a former Nebraska resident, started as regional manager for RDI in the Midwest and moved to New Jersey as Director of National Sales in 2005. His honesty, integrity, leadership, and drive to succeed make him the perfect leader of our Sales Managers.

Nebraska; great corn, great people!



Joe Russell

Joe Russell | joe.russell@rdirail.com
Field Support Manager

With his 15+ years in the building industry, Joe Russell is one of two Field Support Managers (Barry “B-Ly” Lyons being the other) driving fantastic new RDI branded truck and trailer combos to customer events all over the North East. This is a new role for Joe after he had been our Customer Service Manager and, prior to that, one of our early install professionals. If you have an event you’d like Joe to attend just drop him a line at his email address above.

Joe, not unlike Mike DeSalle, has a bit of an issue with portion control. If he’s barbecuing for you at an event do yourself a favor….skip breakfast….in fact skip whatever meals you can, things are likely to get out of hand.


Barry Lyons

Barry Lyons | barry.lyons@rdirail.com
Southeast Field Support Manager

Barry Lyons provides customer support & mobile training for RDI's sales in the VA, MD, and DE area. If you need a hard-core fishing partner or need training on RDI products, call him at 804.201.7755 or barry.lyons@rdirail.com. In his spare time Barry is an avid fisherman and enjoys spending time with his gorgeous family (our Facebook administrator insists his young daughter is destined to be a model and steals pix of her frequently).


Dave Buzzie

Dave Buzzie | dave.buzzie@rdirail.com
Territory Sales Manager

Dave Buzzie manages RDI's sales for Western VA, NY, PA, and OH. A 5-time Vendor Salesman of the Year for Babcock Lumber, Dave is truly dedicated to his customers and is always willing to go the extra mile. Call him at 412.527.0092 or dbuzzie@rdirail.com.

Dave's hobbies include ... well, actually, Dave has no hobbies; he spends time outside RDI with his wife, Michelle, and their 7 wonderful children.


Mike Laskowski

Mike Laskowski | mike.laskowski@rdirail.com
Territory Sales Manager

Mike manages RDI's sales for the Northeastern states of ME, NH, VT, MA, CT, RI, and parts of NY. If you'd like to contact him and offer him a trip to a warmer state, he can be reached at 1-800-IAM-COLD or Mike.Laskowski@ Frozenextremities.com (or his email address above!).

Mike made a name for himself at RDI with his awesome customer focus, amazing work ethic and a truly stupendous selection of winter sweaters. This is Eagle territory so Mike is to Ugly Christmas sweaters as Tom Brady is to Super Bowls – really distressing but a champ nonetheless.


Kirk Evanov

Kirk Evanov | kirk.evanov@rdirail.com
Regional Sales Manager Central Region

Kirk Evanov is the Regional Sales Manager for independent sales representatives in the Central Region. Kirk has 10 years of sales experience in the building materials industry. Kirk graduated from Clarion University in Pennsylvania, which their claim to fame is Kurt Angle and John Calipari. Kirk enjoys golfing, fishing, basketball, and most importantly watching his Steelers win most of the Super Bowls!



Brianne Papa

Brianne Papa | brianne.papa@rdirail.com
Territory Manager

Brianne manages RDI sales for Eastern PA, NJ and parts of NY. She has 7 years of sales experience with 4 of those years being in the building materials industry. Brianne graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor’s degree.

In her spare time she enjoys spending her time being a newlywed, planning an event of any sort (she absolutely loves planning), traveling, being at the beach and watching PSU football….WE ARE….


Douglas Hopper

Douglas Hopper | douglas.hopper@rdirail.com
Territory Sales Manager

Doug is a Territory Sales Manager based in Denver, CO overseeing the Northwest for RDI. He came to us recently from the Barrette retail sales team where he worked in the field for ten years.

Doug is a graduate of Indiana University having grown up in Indiana (Go Hoosiers!). He moved to Colorado after school for recreation including snowboarding, mountain biking and camping (but Jersey is starting to grow on him!). He has played soccer, golf and tennis most of his life, but most recently got into cycling.