Culture Club



The RDI Culture

We spend 40 or more hours together each week, and that’s a lot of time to be unhappy at work. Fortunately, that’s not the case at RDI. We are proud to say that at this point, the average length of time for an RDI employee to have been with us is 7 years, and we anticipate that number to rise. We experience very little employee turnover, and we in part attribute that to our ability to hire individuals who not only possess the skill-set needed for a position, but just as important, those who fit our culture.

Unlike most companies, we scramble to find ways to spend time together AFTER work. We are more than just coworkers- we are truly family. We have found that it is more productive to have an entire body of people working as one unit to achieve a common goal vs. a few individuals doing their own thing. We have figured out how to work together, play together, and celebrate our accomplishments together. We support each other, and extend our support to our Distributors, who we view as extensions of us.

To help foster relationships between members of our RDI Family across locations, we have created “The RDI Culture Club”. With so many individuals with diverse backgrounds, personalities, and lifestyles, we feel it is important that we embrace our differences and encourage solidarity within our organization. Each week we dedicate a set time to come together within each of our respective locations and communicate via live video chat. During these meetings, we encourage open communication about a variety of subjects, from positive work experiences, to dilemmas about how to handle work related, or sometimes personal, difficult situations. We read a variety of business and motivational books together, a grown-up version of “show-and-tell” is a regular occurrence, and photos are often shared to help each other gain insight into an individual’s life, further strengthening the bond between us.

To many businesses, ours may seem unusual, but it works for us. Our success is our proof, and the relationships we share throughout our organization only continue to inspire us and lead us to greater growth within our market, as well as compassion toward our fellow workers.